El USS Yorktown

USS Yorktown, class Yorktown

Cruiser, Launched in 2230 – Initial main role : Deep Space Exploration and defensive cruiser. Later roles : Companion of Constelation heavy cruisers and frontier patrols.

First Warp 8 capable ship of the Federation. Initially failed to break the Time barrier (warp 7.3) because his warp core not was capable of make enough power to do it. Even which this flaw, this new cruiser was produced in some quantity because was the only ship in star fleet that can match the Klingon D-6 battlecruiser (which a bit changes in the basic design of the ship to carry experimental weapons and better shielding), and build quickly. When the Constitution class begin to be produced, this class was displaced by the Conie in deep space exploration missions. But after it, this class, and in special, the USS Yorktown make history when finally in 223X [6, 7] before a refit in the warp core (Eight series Mk Ia warp core), can break for first time the Time barrier and reach Warp 8.

This ships hold Klingons forces initiate a war before of 2243, plus was the main ships of Starfleet in the second conflict which the Shamin. Later,They had a great performance in Hapspear war of 2243, were working in battle fleets which Saladin class destroyers and Tiberius class Frigates or in groups of tree ships, two Yorktowns and one light cruiser, manage to keep the front lines static and withdraw Klingon strike fleets. After of the war, witch more Constitutions in the fleet and which the mighty D-7 K’Tinga battlecruiser in play, this class was relegate to work initially like Companion of the Conies and finally was begin to retired in 2270’s to be replaced by the new Mirandas.

~ por ZardoZ en noviembre 30, 2007.


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